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Pocket Mine 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pocket Mine 2 on iPhone iPod

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Complete the bonus missions available with each new game to progress a lot faster.

There are two methods to choose cards. The first is to create a custom loadout with your best cards. This allows you to always start the game with them. The other option is to randomly get three cards assigned. However, you can reshuffle the cards. Do this at least once to increase the odds of getting better cards. Tap the cards you wish to keep and only the others will be reshuffled. Whenever possible, fuse your cards. You will usually play more frequently with random cards instead of the default ones selected for the custom loadout. The better those cards, the more chances you will have to complete your mission. Save the red rubies obtained from treasure chests, completing a level, or playing the special mines on card packs. When you have 40 rubies, purchase the VIP Bundle from the shop. You will get five free cards and at least five guaranteed Legendary cards.

Only retain the gear that you have and sell the rest for extra magic cubes for use in the Factory. Use those cubes to craft legendary gear or for crafting cards if needed. Use the best possible combinations of gear and cards for custom loadouts. Always use your custom loadouts when completing the single player campaign and never for already completed mines. Consider equipping your characters with explosive blocks cards then using gear that gives you additional bonuses, such as extra explosive blocks or extra metal/precious blocks or bombs. Do not be concerned about any other type of card that increases your earnings, as completing levels is more important.

Tip 1: There are two techniques to select cards. The very first is to develop a custom-made loadout with your finest cards. This permits you to constantly start the game with them. The other option is to arbitrarily get three cards appointed. You can reshuffle the cards. Once to enhance the probabilities of getting much better cards, do this at least. Tap the cards you want to keep and just the others will certainly be reshuffled.

Tip 2: Whenever possible, fuse your cards. You will generally play more often with random cards instead of the default ones chosen for the custom-made loadout. The much better those cards, the more possibilities you will certainly need to complete your mission.

Tip 3: Upgrade it every time whenever possible if you do not have a strong choice. Playing it consistently to make cash that you can invest on upgrading your choice if you end up being stuck on a level.

Tip 4: Complete the bonus missions offered with each new game to progress a lot much faster.

Tip 5: Listed below the "Experience" button are special phases that you can be bet excellent benefits. When possible to gather those items prior to going back to the regular campaign, complete them. Play the Fortunate Hit and March Mine levels daily.

Besides bonus missions, your focus should be to get as deep as possible in the mine. The lower you get, the closer you are to completing challenges and obtaining better rewards from the blocks that are mined. Always try to use the bomb super crate. It results in a large blast that is useful to complete stages.

Use the custom loadouts for challenges and missions and the basic character for replaying missions. You can shuffle two or three times and still make a profit. When replaying missions, concentrate on unlocking crates to collect artifacts and completing collections for rewards; as well as going as deep as possible in order to increase the level of rewards.

Below the "Adventure" button are special stages that you can be played for very good rewards. Complete them when possible to collect those items before going back to the regular campaign. Also, play the Lucky Hit and March Mine levels daily.

If you do not have a strong pick, upgrade it every time whenever possible. If you become stuck on a level, playing it repeatedly to earn money that you can spend on upgrading your pick.


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