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Pocket Legends

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pocket Legends on iPhone iPod

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Pocket Legends does not require a subscription to play but when you advance past level 13 it means paying for an additional campaign.

Talk to the Town Crier and select the option to go to Spacetime Nexus. Then tap the bottom right corner of the screen where it says 'Type Promo Code' and enter the case sensitive code onthebeach. Alternately type: /p onthebeach.

Select 'Fathom Crypt' at the 'World Map' to find a pond with water which will generate your health and mana quickly.

Buy habitats, they are expensive but they are worth it as they pay you back soon and they are a great way to get money when you are off the game.

Launch the game and at the team code area click on 'My Team' and type in 'pets'. This will cause the prompt message 'Uh Oh: Unable to find anyone with that team code' to appear on screen. If you now type in the code q6cvy and tap 'Home', then 'My Profile' and finally 'Skills' you will notice that you have obtained 50 more Attack points.

The majority of the items can be can be purchased using Platinum or Gold. If you don't want want to buy Platinum or Gold you can do quests and then sell unwanted items to other players (not the shops). You can make money farming although it is slow.

So you login into pocket legends and then when you're online you just go to chat and write:

/p onthebeach
/p underworld warrior
/p reciprocity
/p awareness
/p wingedhelm

Write any if those and you get vanity hats and the have to be separate like you could go to chat and write /p awareness then enter it then type another.


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