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Pocket God: Ooga Jump

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pocket God: Ooga Jump on iPhone iPod

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Make extensive use of the slam bounce facility, as this will enable you to get higher faster.

You can't get past red ants without Ant Repellent, so don't bother trying.

Keep an eye out for road signs that indicate the dangers that lie ahead. The enemies you'll face range from stone dragons that throw razor-sharp pick-axes, to monkeys that will latch onto you and try to take your face off!

Probably the most dangerous of all the enemies you'll face are the spiders. They'll flip around the area upside down, giving you very little time to react before they attack you and cover you in webbing. Always pick up any repellants you come across, as these will help you keep the blighters at bay.

The meteor attacks come crashing down on platforms - leaving you with a flat Pocket God if you're not careful. As with all enemies, the key is avoidance. Try to bounce out of the way of danger areas.

Always hunt for gems since you can unlock everything using the gems you pick up.

There are two additional levels you can unlock in the game - Uranus and Underworld. The first one costs 2,000 gems, and the second one 4,000. While both of these represent a sizable chunk of currency, it's worth getting these unlocks out of the way first, as you'll have much more fun unlocking everything else with more areas to play in.


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