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Plunder Pirates

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Plunder Pirates on iPhone iPod

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Pirate strongholds can be attacked multiple times, but the difficulty will increase each subsequent time. However, the reward for winning will also scale upwards. When pirates are used in a battle they will be not return, even if they win. Deploy only a limited number of pirates before committing a larger force.

Upgrade your pirate hall to gain the ability to create new types of buildings. Spend gems to build the second and the third Builder's hut. This will help provide enough workers to build your island. Do not spend gems on anything else until you have at least three builders.

Remain in calm waters as much as possible to travel faster. Attack ports multiple times. Although it will become more difficult with each new attack, the rewards will also be better. When creating route, be careful to avoid a ship or another danger. If this happens, your own ship will automatically go into battle.

Complete quests to get free gems, as well as a better island. You have a random chance of getting a free diamond when you explore the seas. Clear obstacles when building your island to have a chance of earning a few gems.

You will have temporary immunity from attacks by other players when first starting. Use this time to build your defenses. Do not attack another player or you will lose your immunity early.

You cannot surround all your buildings with walls. Instead, focus on protecting your resources first, then your Pirate Hall and towers. When laying out walls, try to create as many pockets as possible to difficult for enemy troops to go from one building to another. Also consider placing decoy buildings outside the walls, and only keep the buildings that really need protection inside. Increase the distance that enemy troops must travel before they reach your important buildings. Do this by using decorations to extend the land. Because enemy troops can only be placed on water, having a lot of land for them to cross before they get to your buildings gives your towers more time to attack them. Place decorations as far as possible from the main island, but close enough to eliminate water that can be used for an enemy to deploy troops.

Collect grog and gold often from your distilleries and mines. . They are necessary for construction and hiring pirates. Both of those resources will reach a cap if not emptied from their sources. You can collect grog and gold from islands that already have been explored. Islands and landmarks will produce gold and grog after a certain amount of time has passed. Visit those places regularly. Upgrade your gold and grog storages as soon as possible.


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