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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Plants vs. Zombies Heroes on iPhone iPod

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Listed below are each of the characters unique zombie superpower.

Super Brainz - Carried Away
Move a Zombie. Then it does a Bonus Attack.

The Smash - Slammin' Smackdown
Destroy a Plant with 4 Attack or less.

Impfinity - Triple Threat
Make two 1/1 Impfinity Clones with Amphibious in random lanes.

Rustbolt - Shrink Ray
A Plant gets -3 Attack. Draw a card.

Electric Boogaloo - Stayin' Alive
Do 3 damage to a Plant. Heal your Hero for 3.

Brain Freeze - Frozen Tundra
Freeze ALL Plants on the Ground.

Professor Brainstorm - Eureka
Add three random cards from the entire game to your hand.

Immorticia - Witch's Familiar
Make a 2/1 Zom-Bats that says 'When this hurts a Plant Draw a card.'

Z-Mech - Missile Madness
Attack for 2 damage in three random lanes.

Neptuna - Octo-Pult
Make a 3/2 Octo-Pet with Amphibious.


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