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Planet Farm

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Planet Farm on iPhone iPod

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Advance the time on your device by as much as needed to complete the production timers. Open the game again and your production should be ready.

Complete as many Daily Plan missions as possible. Although it may be difficult, especially when first starting, reaching 100 points will still give you a reward and a better chance of getting some geniuses. Geniuses give nice bonuses based on their element. Check their stats to learn what bonuses they offer before placing them. You can swap geniuses from one position to another. You can always move them back later if needed.

Examine the research tree in each of your shops to see what can be made. Better products results in more money. Having a variety of products is the way to have easier planet exploration later.

Begin by removing all the rocks and planting as many things as possible. The more products you have faster, the easier it will be later. Do not worry too much about money early in the game.


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