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Pizza Vs. Skeletons

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pizza Vs. Skeletons on iPhone iPod

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Ten secret ingredients are hidden away in certain levels. Collect them to unlock question-marked items in the pizzeria store. To start you off, there is one on top of the castle in stage 2-7.

In the brawl sections, you will eventually meet some head-slinging skeletons that can be a real pain. Particularly if you are looking to score a No Damage bonus. They are too tall to jump over safely, so your best strategy is to roll backward as soon as they appear, then leapfrog their skulls as they trundle across the floor.

The Wheel of Pizza spins round exactly once after you have tapped the screen. If there is an item you need, tap as the needle hits it and 360 degrees later it shall be yours. Particularly handy for collecting that last star on boss stages.


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