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Pixel People

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pixel People on iPhone iPod

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If you adjust your Time setting on your iOS device so that you can change it manually, you can advance the clock to more quickly gain items in the game that otherwise would be locked behind a time delay. To get the most out of the cheat, make sure that all of your buildings are active, so that you'll receive more coins after advancing the clock. Return to the game after you manipulate the time and you'll be able to enjoy the additional resources. Note that when you eventually modify your device settings to that time is once again set automatically, you'll lose one land from your total holdings (possibly because the developers are aware of the potential cheat and don't want people abusing it). The way around that penalty is to make sure that you always gather at least 8 Utopium while using the cheat so that you can easily buy another land from the church.

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