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Pirates of Everseas

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pirates of Everseas on iPhone iPod

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To earn gold fast just max out your number of farms, then keep planting and harvesting carrots over and over. It might be somewhat tedious, but it’s by far the fastest way to earn gold.

To earn wood faster attack monsters, rival pirates, and explore wreckages.

You can earn more gems for free by completing the quests in the game and collecting the rewards.

There are three you need to do to become a powerful figure in the game.

1. Build more ships, load them up with pirates and equip them, then stick them in your fleet. You’ll need to have your houses upgraded and built in order to increase your population. Once that is finished build more piers, then more ships in the shipyard. The better your piers are, the more ships you will be able to build, and the bigger the ships.

2. You can also level up your already-existing ships. This is done by sending them out on more voyages, battling against the various monsters that pop up, as well as ransacking other players’ islands.

3. Equip your pirate ships with better weapons. First upgrade the following: blacksmith, gunsmith and foundry. Swords are better for attacking pirates (2x damage) while axes are better for attacking monsters (2x damage, again). Guns and cannons are stronger than swords and axes, and have no advantages or disadvantages, making them excellent all around choices.


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