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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for PinOut! on iPhone iPod

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You should first focus on collecting the white dots. Each one extends your time by one second, and every second counts in this game.

Learn how to steady the ball with the flippers, so that you can launch it when you want and make some precise hits.

If you feel that the game is too fast for you, work towards getting the slow motion power-up. Some players donít like it because it interferes with the gameís natural rhythm, but you might find it quite useful.

If you combine the right use of flippers and the Motion Link power-up, you will be able to steady the ball and take all the time you need for that perfect shot.

Another quite interesting power-up is Push. With it, you can move the ball even when itís not close to the flippers.

Playing mini-games is a great way of adding seconds to your timer, if youíre good enough. For example, in Lazer Racer, you get extra time for every car you pass by.

The only way to save your progress is to upgrade the game to Premium package, which obviously costs money. It is also a great way of supporting young developers, so why not?


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