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Phoenix 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Phoenix 2 on iPhone iPod

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Tip 1: Make certain to set the push alerts so that you can gather a new ship from the warp gate as quickly as you have the ability to. Each ship has its own special functions and techniques of attack. The guns will fire instantly, while your special defense will fire whenever you do require touch. Some ships have charge shots that fire whenever you let go of the screen for an offered amount of time then touch the screen once again.

Tip 2: Modification your ship depending upon exactly what enemies you face in a particular new level of the game. Various type of shots are more powerful versus various type of turrets, ships, and even parts of ships (which mainly makes an application for bosses who have multi-part bodies). Attempt various ships on a specific level to see what works best for you.

Tip 3: When you upgrade your main gun, not just will you increase the amount of damage that it does, however the qualities, such as the fire rate and how much the shot spreads out, will alter. Do not cross out a ship totally up until you see how it finishes with gun upgrades.

Tip 4: To sign up with a community, you are either going to need to create one and inform people about it, or discover one that somebody has actually currently created. A great place to look remains in the remark area of this short article, where you can publish your community or sign up with somebody else's. You can also search the evaluation areas of the App Store for people publishing theirs, attempting to get the word out, or publish your very own there.

Tip 5: You get credits the very first time that you complete an act or a new age in an act that you're currently on, however no credits for repeating the task. You do get experience. Go to the pilot area to gather your rewards each time that you get an experience level, so that you can buy more upgrades for your ships.


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