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Peter Panic

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Peter Panic on iPhone iPod

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The Peanut Factory!

- AVOID! Watch out for the peanut cannons! This one is pretty simple - just watch for whichever cannon isnít turning red and stand there.
- CATCH! Drag the box to catch the falling vases. Stay on the move and keep your finger mobile!
- STAMP! Wait for the packing foam to stop in the center, then tap to stamp. Watch out - donít stamp the vases!
- WAIT! Wait until the bar fills up all the way and the green thumbs up appears. Tap to dispense the packing peanut mold!
- SORT! Look at the papers. If the top mark is green, drag it into the IN pile. If itís red, drag it into the OUT pile.
- PACK! Wait until the boxes are near the tube, then tap the red button to drop packing peanuts into the box. Donít wait too long!
- BOSS: FEED! Tap the button to feed the demon. Keep the meter on the left within the green zone; overfeeding and underfeeding will make the demon mad!

The Museum!

- FEED! Wait until you see a slotís food eaten and the sign "FILL" lit up. Tap the button to replace the food. Donít tap it if food is still there!
- SORT! Send the colored fish into their correct tanks. Check the icons on the tubes to see where they go. Take your time with this one; itís easy to jump the gun and send the wrong fish in!
- LEAVE! Rapidly tap the people in the seats to make them leave.
- STEAL! Tap the GO button to make your robot advance one step. Wait for the lasers in front of you to deactivate, then proceed.
- MULCH! Drag the logs into the shredders that have matching symbols.
- SLIDE! Slide the red blocks around to create openings for the rocket ships.
- BOSS: SUMMON! Summon the giant monster by tapping the highlighted candle. This one is pretty straightforward, just make sure youíre quick as you need to complete three sets with each one adding more candles into the mix.

The Game Dev Studio!

- TAP! Itís Flappy Bird! No, seriously. Tap to make the bird flap and avoid the pipes!
- PAY! Youíre out of lives, so tap the pay more button as fast as you can to buy more lives for your fruit puzzle game. Doesnít this seem familiar?
- KILL! Tap the little monsters to kill them. Donít tap like crazy, as you have limited ammo. If a monster reaches you, youíll take 30% damage. That means you can get hit four times before itís over!
- LIVE! Drag your paddle at the bottom of the screen and keep at least one of the balls bouncing. Donít let them all past you!
- JUMP! Itís Mario! Jump over obstacles and stomp on enemies. The longer you hold your tap, the higher you go.
- COMBINE! You must combine two shapes to match the shape in the middle. Take a quick glance around and you should be able to figure it out quickly. Try to look for any obvious ends or kinks.
- BOSS: FIGHT! Fight the big slime! Rapidly tap the attack button until you see ATTACKING appear under the slime. Hit the defend button to dodge, then resume attacking until you win!


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