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PES Manager

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Play Challenge Matches until you have a good line up. Once you find a potential card that can be used for the long run, improve its levels to get its full potential. Play Skill Matches when you are ready then do Friendly Matches where you have a chance to earn extra Friend Points for cards. To get the top tier players, you need to open a Premium Box, which is purchased with Energy Balls (premium currency). You can get free Energy Balls by completing the Academy quests and challenge matches.

Make sure to use Team Skills. You must first have at least three star players on your team. The team skills should be set as you earn new ones before starting a match. Ask your friends for their top players. As you preparing for a match, you can select from a series of players to boost your squad's stats. Choose category B+ players because they can give you an advantage. From here you should select a boost that will improve the entire team. To use our offensive formation you must stick on offense and speed boost.

Boost can your player through training. Your players will earn experience points but that experience will not be added automatically to their final level. The only way for them to increase their level is by training. To do this, go to the "Player Badges" menu then select the "Train" option. Once there, you can use different player badges to train the player you wish to level up. Have at least ten cards to spend before doing this or the costs will be too prohibitive. Training a player with a full ten card set will give you the maximum experience. The rarer the cards used for training, the more experience points you will get. When selecting a player to train, start with your best player. Those with a three star tier will give you more potential for your team in the long run. Start boosting them during the early phases of the game. You should also train players who can handle different positions in game so you can use their cards to the fullest. Split your training to five players. With this training arrangement, you can train two offensive players, two midfield players and one defensive player. Maximize this by start training offensive players and midfield players, as a strong offense helps your defense.

Advance the time on your device to instantly reach the required time to refill your energy. Then, set the time back to its correct value.


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