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PES Club Manager

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for PES Club Manager on iPhone iPod

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Choose the best formation based on your players. Set it so your best players can play in each game. For example, consider the 4-1-3-2 formation to allow you to switch from passing on the flanks to the middle, depending on the situation. Also, reduce the Game Speed to 1 when changing tactics or making substitutions to avoid losing too much time. To focus on your strikers, use a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 formation. If you have greater quality players at the back, consider the 5-3-2 or 5-4-1 formations. You can also create custom formation to supplement the default varieties. Do this by tapping the "Edit Team" tab to drag and drop your players on the field as desired. Try moving all your players slightly forward regardless of formation because offensive tactics tend to work better.

Begin upgrading the things around your Stadium: The Youth Academy should be improved early to generate players. Also upgrade boosters such as Entertainment Facilities, Medical Facilities, etc. You can upgrade even more by tapping the Stadium to increase the stands, shops, etc. After your stadium is improved to your satisfaction, focus on generating more income.

Sell unwanted players to save up money and to free space for new players. Remove all one star players, then continue replacing the lowest star ones. However, consider the fact older players that may retire soon and cause a gap; or players whose contracts will run out soon. Do not have too few players or you will have to rotate them.

Because each season progresses quickly and players will age fast, always try to sign younger top players. You can spend PES coins to sign star players to your team. PES Coins are the game's premium currency. You can earn free coins by logging in daily to get bonuses or by completing achievements. PES Coins are also offered occasionally by items in the "News" tab. When scouting for players, use the "Scout x5" option which costs 150 PES Coins. This will result in five players of a minimum of five stars each. The "Scout x1", which costs the same per player, only guarantees a minimum of four stars. Be patient to get the better players. You do not have to sign the players that were scouted immediately. They will remain on your scouting list and can be signed later. After scouting a player, you must offer him a contract. Take your finances into consideration as well as how useful he will be for your team. Check the the market to also get good players. Upgrade "Scouting Agency" in the "My Town" area to at least level 2 in order to find good players. The higher its level, the better quality players and star quality will be. Build your youth academy as soon as possible. Sign one or two of its most promising prospects each year. After each new season, the current youths will be reset. Play them in order to improve their skills. Although their ratings are initially are lower than older players, they will improve repeatedly when played. Consider searching for at least three youths to replace the aging players on your team.

Make substitutions sooner, at about minute 60, to gain an advantage over your tired opponents. Focus on using players with the "Super sub" trait to give your team a boost.

Try setting the following options as indicated for best results.

OptionHow to unlock

Special Training is not required for the first few seasons. You will change your team frequently during this time. Because you may get just a skill upgraded by one point after Special Training, use it only on your best players.


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