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Perfect Kick

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Perfect Kick on iPhone iPod

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Pay attention to your opponent. Do not rush to jump at the ball. Usually the shots will not be very powerful; do not get to your blocking location too fast. Concentrate on the ball and not the shoes or tomatoes that are also thrown.

Remain in the Second League to find more players. It is also the cheapest place to spend your time while learning the game.

One of the best shots because of its difficulty to defend is to shoot exactly between the keeper and the right or left post. To make that shot, slide your finger towards that direction, but also add a slight lob to the ball by sliding your finger downwards at the end of the movement. Another place to aim is at the left or the right bottom post. Usually goalkeepers will jump over them and allow you to score a goal. Using a classic lob in the middle of the goal is also a shot that will be difficult to guess by your opponent. Swipe up then quickly downwards to shoot a perfect lob over the goalkeeper. Mix up your shots to avoid getting predictable. Try alternating left or right positions for your shots and never follow a pattern. The more unpredictable you are, the more of a chance to score. To shoot powerful shots, draw a straight, long line. This is most effective against goalkeepers that take their time. Practice making short shots. These are shots that will hit the ground before hitting the net. They are very difficult to defend against. Short swipe upwards and in the direction of your shot (but never in the middle), followed by a long swipe down.

Complete the Boss challenges to earn special items.

Always buy upgrades from the store. White items can be used for free, but may have a time limit. Yellow items must be purchased. You can only equip one type of item at a time. Focus on upgrades that increase power and defense.


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