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PegGoo Pop

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for PegGoo Pop on iPhone iPod

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The middle dropper is worth the most points, as you can see. After hitting all of tge objective pegs, adjust your shots for your balls to fall into the middle dropper. Try not to shoot too far from the center column, and use tilt as much as possible.

Each level has a specific objective. After completing that objective, bonus time begins. During this time, star pegs will appear in the level. Hit them to get 1,000 points. It is to your benefit to complete the objective as soon as possible to have plenty of balls remaining for the star pegs. When you launch a ball, you can launch another one a few seconds later. If both balls collide with each other, you get a "double tap" bonus worth 500 points. When a goo flying a plane appears, hit it to earn about 2,000 points. Hit the mini-ufo goo to earn an extra ball.


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