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Peak Rider

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Peak Rider on iPhone iPod

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There are crates you can smash through in levels, too! These are pretty rare, but when they pop up make sure to board through them, as you'll get nice rewards. You can get gear and new characters, saving you having to spend your hard earned gold on them yourself. Result! Make sure to keep an eye out for these handy money savers when sliding through stages. | Submitted by DayleJ

Doing two tricks is better than one, obvious right? Right, but you might’ve thought that holding a trick is good too, eh? Not necessarily so. On many small jumps you'll have plenty of time to string together two tricks, instead of holding a single trick, giving you many more points. If you can hold one trick for two seconds, it's likely you could've done two in that time. Though be wary of overextending and damaging yourself. | Submitted by DayleJ

There will usually be flag matches available to you, which will require boarding through a certain number of flag poles while heading down the mountain path. These aren't particularly hard, and are yet another quick and useful way to raise your level and gain cash. Flag poles often have a row of coins going through them, and you'll get coin rewards for completing the course too. You'll soon be sat on top of a fat stack of cash, so the flag courses are worth bashing out. | Submitted by DayleJ

If you try to turn hard, you will turn, really damn hard. You can swerve in a massive arc that can make the snowboard hard to control, but you can also use this to evade immediate obstacles. It's going to require a lot of practice and frankly, having to do a hard swerve is not the optimal decision, when compared to planning your route in advance, but good in close encounters. You shouldn't have to do this too often, but the time will come. | Submitted by DayleJ

The main progression in Peak Rider is all of the unlockable gear and characters in the shop. Some of them are locked until you rise to higher ranks, but getting there is easy and there's more than enough to buy for now. Collecting the lines of gold coins which usually trail before ramps on stages is obvious a decent way to rack up cash as you go, but it's not necessarily the most efficient. There should be a fair amount of challenges available to you, however. You'll be tasked with beating the scores of other players, or scoring a certain amount of points. Each of these challenges will reward you with gold that you can use in the shop, and by doing challenges you'll soon be racking up plenty of cash. | Submitted by DayleJ

One thing the game doesn't immediately tell you is that you don't actually have to be confined to the twitchy motion controls, and there's actually an option for touch controls in the settings. You'll have to go to the main menu to find this option hidden away. After activating, you'll be able to steer your snowboard with your left thumb. It's still a bit twitchy, and this will be a matter of preference rather than a universal rule, but many players are likely to prefer this method of play. | Submitted by DayleJ


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