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Paradise Bay

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Paradise Bay on iPhone iPod

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Always make sure you are producing raw materials and other resources, such as farming items. Keep raw materials for your farm, such as cotton, bamboo, pineapple, etc. stocked. Have at least one type of raw material available to avoid running out. Begin producing something that requires a material only if you already have at least one of the same type planted for replacement.

Only make items that require a lot of production time for when you are about to stop playing. When you log in again, collect the items that are ready, then plant and start working on items that can be prepared quickly. When you are ready to stop playing again, set your buildings to produce the items that require a longer time.

Do not bother with trades that are difficult to get or are worth a low amount of profit. Once you learn the market value of your items, always try selling for the best profit. The more complex your trade items, the higher the return. Wesley’s Exports can be used to make quick money. Sell products slightly under the market value get rid of them quickly, especially your excess items that must be cleared for more inventory space.

Complete trades with different characters to increase their friendship level (hearts). This will reward you with treasure boxes. When you have the storage space, open them. They usually contain much needed materials, such as items required to increase your storage. Treasure boxes also randomly appear on the island.


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