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Papers, Please

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Papers, Please on iPhone iPod

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Do not complete any EZIC tasks given. The EZIC events that counts as tasks are as follows.

Allowing Mikhail Saratov to enter on Day 11.
Allowing Stepheni Graire to enter on Day 14.
Allowing Marie Escalli to enter on Day 17.
Poisoning Khaled Istom on Day 20.

Confiscating Kordon Kallo's passport, letting him in, and giving his passport to an EZIC agent on Day 27. Then, on Day 31, neutralize both EZIC attackers and do not escape to Obristan afterwards. The day after you will take part in the audit, and its results may only show minor infractions. You will then earn the achievement and view ending 20, which will give you the unlock code for Endless mode.

On Day four, a woman from Impor will appear and say that she is visiting her son. Inspect the invalid date, and point out that her entry permit is invalid. Then, approve her passport and give it back. She will give you the pin.

By Day 31, you must have completed at least four out of five EZIC tasks given throughout the game. An EZIC messenger will arrive on Day 31 and tell the inspector to hold his fire. EZIC attackers will destroy the border wall and EZIC will take over. They will make you their agent and move your family to a better apartment.

You must escape to Obristan with all living family members. Start by illegally confiscating passports from Obristanian citizens and have one for each of your family members. At the end of Days 29, 30 and 31, you will need the required number of passports and 25 credits per family member ready. The maximum amount needed is six passports and 150 credits if the niece was adopted on Day 21 and everyone else is still alive. Do not escape alone or without your entire family. You can also intentionally kill all your family members except for one to make this easier. To do this, do not buy medicine for them and live without heat.

A Class 5 apartment may become available at the end of Day 22 if you have already moved to a Class 6 apartment. To get the money needed to reach this level of apartment, try playing under the easy difficult setting.

Go to endless on the title screen before completing story mode and enter password 62131.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding token.

Antegria Token
On Day 5 a man with proper papers says that his wife is next and asks for you to allow her. Point out the discrepancy in her papers, then allow her regardless.

Artotska Token
On Day 12 an Artotskan will give you four business cards to pass out to engineers. Distribute all four before he returns on Day 16.

Impor Token
On Day 4 there is a woman who is excited to see her son. Point out the discrepancy in her papers, then grant her access regardless.

Kolechia Token
On Day 24 someone will give you a love note. Keep it and later that day a very depressed person will enter. Give the note to that person.

Obristan Token
Allow Jorji Costava entry at any time. He will eventually appear with proper papers.

Republia Token
On Day 21 a man with invalid papers asks for entry and will offer his watch as collateral. Keep it, and do not sell it. Give him the watch when he returns on Day 23 and he will give you a bribe. He will then complain the watch is scratched and ask that you you return the bribe. Do so to get the token.

United Federation Token
Day 29 a man will give you a photo of his daughter and ask you to confiscate Simon Wenz's passport but allow him entry. On Day 30, Simon Wenz will attempt to enter. Do as the man instructed. When the man returns later that day, give him Simon's passport.


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