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Papa Pear Saga

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Papa Pear Saga on iPhone iPod

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When trying to light the buckets, aim for the corner ones first. The other ones are much easier to light. In some levels the buckets will be covered by lids and other obstacles. Bounce a pear off of them multiple times to remove them.

Tip 1
Rack and attempt up as numerous peg hits as you can in the past your pears hit the pails and / or keep your pear bouncing around the screen for as long as possible for greater credit score.

Tip 2
You have actually got a totally open line of sight for shooting pears at any staying containers if you clear every peg.

Tip 3
Enhancers are constantly worth of your shot so if you see an enhancer appear at random throughout a level effort, divert your efforts in the direction of selecting it up.

Tip 4
Specialpers you must keepan eye on:.

Tip 5
Split Papa Peg - Produces a replicate copy of your existing pear, making it a lot easier to ruin the staying pegs.

Tip 6
Papa Fire Peg - One touch of this special peg, and your pear will certainly develop into a scorching inferno that sets fire to any pegs it enters contact with.

Tip 7
Papa Grande Peg - This peg broadens the size of your existing pear, enabling it to discuss a lot more pegs at a time.

If you have multiple objectives in a level, you can usually focus on the ones pertaining to your score because your buckets will eventually get filled with pairs. If they do not, aim directly for the buckets once the score objective has been completed.

Try to shoot up to three pears at a time to destroy pegs faster and score multiple points.

The following special pegs are available.

Light Up Peg: Lights up a bucket. Obtained by hitting a lit bucket seven times.
Papa Fire Peg: Turn your pear into a fireball that will destroy more fruits than usual. Obtained by bouncing your peg off a bucket's edge then off the wall.
Papa Grande Peg: Make your pear bigger. Obtained by destroying fifty objects.
Split Papa Peg: Copies your pear and earns more points. Obtained by destroying all fruits of the same type.


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