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Panda Pop

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Panda Pop on iPhone iPod

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Tap to throw a bubble. You can also hold after tapping to control the bubble's trajectory. When at least three of the same-colored bubbles connect they will all disappear, freeing any trapped pandas inside of them. *When all the baby pandas in a level are released you will advance to the next level. You will be awarded bonus points depending on how many bubbles Mama Panda did not throw. There are four different colored bubble. Each color corresponds to an element: red is fire, blue is water, green is wood, and yellow is sun. When you make a match, the corresponding lantern is filled slightly. Tap Mama Panda to swap between the bubble she is holding and the bubble in her basket.

When a lantern is full, tap it to help clear a level. Each lantern has a different power. Red lanterns burn a section of bubbles. Blue lanterns clear a column of bubbles. Green lanterns grow roots. Yellow lanterns allow you to throw three bubbles at once. You can combine full lanterns for special moves. If you combine all four filled lanterns, a dragon will be summoned and will clear a large section of the level.

The following power-ups should be used when needed.

Trajectory Predictor: Shows where a bubble will travel if you bank it off the wall.
Rainbow Bubble: Makes a match with any color of bubble.

Level loading time isn't time for rest, it's time for preparing and planning as you'll be shown the layout of the bubbles.

Even though walls in some levels appear angled, they don't affect the way your bubbles' bounce, so aim as you always do.

Enhance your aim before firing off a bubble by pressing the game board and dragging left or right. Pulling the aimer back towards Mama Panda will cancel the aim.

All types of achievements earn you bonuses like extra lives and power-up so keep them in mind when playing the game.

You can use the spike ball to your advantage as you can aim a colored ball at it, if you don't want to use immediately, and the spiked one will pop it.


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