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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Pac-Man running on iPhone iPod


Cheats & Hints for Pac-Man - iPhone iPod
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Apple Game Center Achievement.

100K Run:
Score 100,000 points or more.

50K Streak:
Score 50,000 points or more.

Eat 1 Melon.

Be Like Billy!:
Complete Stage 256.

Blinky is Broken:
Complete Stage 10.

Blinky is Tearable:
Complete Stage 6.

Flagship Fruit:
Eat 1 Galaxian.

Fruit Fiend:
Eat a Total of 100 Fruits.

Fruit Parfait:
Eat 2 Fruit in One Stage.

Fuji Fan:
Eat 1 Apple.

Ghost Glutton:
Chomp 100 Ghosts Total.

Ghost Gorger:
Chomp 272 Ghosts Tota.

Ghost Gourmand:
Chomp 50 Ghosts Total.

Ghost Hunter:
Chomp 16 Ghosts in One Stage.

Ghost with the Most:
Get 1600 Points From A Ghost.

Key Master:
Eat 1 Key.

Score 150,000 points or more.

No More Blues:
Complete Stage 19.

Complete Stage 1.

Sounds Delicious:
Eat 1 Bell.

Super Pac-Man:
Complete Stage 3.

Tales of Fragaria:
Eat 1 Strawberry.

Tutti Frutti:
Eat One of Each Fruit in One Game.

Vitamin Seizer:
Eat 1 Orange.

Washington Wannabe:
Eat 1 Cherry.

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