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Olympus Rising

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Olympus Rising on iPhone iPod

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Gather your gold and ambrosia quickly by going to the coin icon, which is the Collect All button, and gathering everything. Head over to the map screen and send your hero to one of your dominated islands to safeguard it if you require even more of one or the other currency. Safeguarded islands will produce more resources than vulnerable islands will.

Ultimately you unlock a multiplayer mode, so you will have to build your path in a wise way. Place obstacles right beside the towers that you build, so that the towers have a longer result due to the blockading offered by the obstacles. Blend the tower ranges, and tangle up the path as much as you can so that other players have as long of a path as possible to obtain to your gate.

Tip 1
When safeguarding your base is to build a roadway with as numerous turns as possible, the key. Start setting your towers in the very first 33% of the roadway (based upon where the assailants start) to win a long time and ultimately get some range in between the waves of soldiers your aggressor employs. Set obstacles at the start of the loop and place towers on the other side of the roadway: in this manner, archers will assault the tower and stop (which will trigger damage to them, probably taking them out) while melee fighters will get the obstacle. Preferably, have 2 towers for each loop and obstacle that you place.

Tip 2
When protecting, you should intend to postpone the aggressors for as long as possible: if they do not handle to damage your gate within the provided time, they will lose the battle. That's why you should have all your defenses as far from eviction as possible, to win time and to provide your gate time to produce as numerous protectors as possible, while thinning the assailant lines as much as possible. Fine-tune your defenses and ultimately you will have a difficult nut to fracture of a base!

Tip 3
You have to dominate islands in order to have as lots of resources as possible-- and those islands will be removed from you also-- so continue fighting. This is key to fast progress: whenever you have the Ambrosia for it, go to battle!

Tip 4
A great method when it concerns fighting is to have a hero in each group of islands: the longer the range a hero needs to travel from an island to another, the more Ambrosia it needs. And given that all of us know that Ambrosia is so tough to obtain, it's much easier to just keep a hero in each group to have them near the islands and to invest as little Ambrosia as possible. Keep your weakest hero in the very first group, then work your way up with much better heroes (each new group of islands you discover should be thought about much better than the previous one).

Tip 5
The island where you keep your hero based will produce more resources, so make certain that you keep your heroes on those islands that currently produce a lot. Ideally Ambrosia.

Tip 6
Each hero has its own powers and weak points, so you should adjust your assaulting design based upon that, however generally the soldiers that enter battle with you should all be the very same. I learnt that melee fighters are much better than varied ones, so aim to bring as lots of melee fighters as possible. I normally start with 2 archers and after that summon as lots of melee soldiers as I can. Attempt to postpone your attack for as long as possible: the better you are to your beginning zone, the quicker soldiers you will summon will show up. To puts it simply, if you get all your soldiers eliminated when you're at the middle, you will need to wait a while prior to your recently summoned soldiers show up due to the fact that they need to go the exact same range you preceded them. You should continuously call in back-up to make sure that you renew your lost soldiers as quick as possible. Integrate that with wise use of your power-ups and you can quickly win all battles.

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