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Naval Domination

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Naval Domination - iPhone iPod

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Tap the boxes icon at the top left to enter the "Logistics" menu. From here, you can access the activation missions. They are similar to daily missions, but each of them are worth a specific "activation value". You will be able to open a chest at when reaching 30, 50, 80, and 100 activation value. Your progress is tracked on the bar at the top, which is reset at midnight each day.

Temporary buffs that increase resource production can be obtained for free by entering the Logistics Center. The "Free Shipping" feature will activate a random resource buff for you to use. "Free Shipping" has a ten minute cooldown, and can be used a total of five times daily.

You can access the mystery gifts at the bottom left corner to earn extra ships, resources, and more bonuses about every five minutes.

Build battleships for your navy at your dock. Create a stockpile of ships to rely on in the event you are attacked by another player. Repair your ships after each battle. This can prevent ships from getting completely destroyed after a prolonged battle. It is cheaper to repair a ship than to replace it.

Earn three stars in a level to unlock the "Wipe Out" command for that level. Although it will cost gems, it will instantly complete that level. This is useful if you need to farm a specific level for certain items or experience.

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