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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Minecraft: Pocket Edition - iPhone iPod

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Make somebody join your local server, and place the items you want to Duplicate in their hot bar, then press the home button on your Iphone (while your friend or the person who joined you is still connected) then open another app untill the person who joins you disconnects. Then go back on the already opened Minecraft and let them join you again everything in the hot bar should be 99+.

In water you can swim and it has no life form in it and it also stop you from burning and will make you drown. Lava will hurt you,burn you and if your items touch lava it will disappear.

Note: Lava is dangerous and will destroy your things.

Don't worry about using the 'jump' button to get over single blocks as you will auto-jump them. Just use the 'jump' button when you really need it.

If you craft a book shelf and then destroy it you will get three book shelves out of one.

To get cobblestone you need a pickaxe. It's easiest to just make a wooden one. Dig down and you should find some rock but it doesn't look like cobblestone. If you mine it with the pickaxe you'll get cobblestone but if you don't use the pickaxe you won't get anything.
The are to ways to get coal. One is to dig until you find blocks that look like rocks with black specks and mine those with a pickaxe. The other way is to get wood and burn it in the furnace. It has to be plain wood and not planks. One more thing, when you are digging, don't go straight down. Go down and forward so it is like steps because if you go straight down you will have a very hard time getting out of the hole you dug.

Creeper:4 1/2
Lava:2 Burning:1/2

Get at least 5 pick axes 2 sets of 64 lights ( if you want light) . Go underground 3 boxes close it up and keep digging down straight until you hit where you can't go anymore. Make the room 8x8 and just start digging random and they have to give you gold, diamonds,fire,iron, and lots more!

If you dig in creative mode until you fall through a hole, double jump and you will fly. Also, if you've already dug another hole, fly to it and you can fly back up it.

Be in creative mode and fly at the edge of the map,fly as high as you can and you walk forward and you will be out of the map.

Note: If you walk to far away from the map you will get stuck and you will need to delete your progress.

You can create otherworldly designs that float in the air as gravity doesn't affect blocks as long as they are attached to another one.

To perform the this cheat you will need two devices with the full version of the game. Place the item that you want to duplicate in a chest. Then have both devices go into that chest and select the item at the same time. If done correctly it will duplicate the item, if not just keep repeating the process until it does.

Switch off 'Visual Effects' in the 'Options' if you find that your device is struggling you will get a performance boost.

Name a sheep with a name tag jeb_ and it's wool will continually change color.

If you take bricks, stone, or wood and craft them into stairs and break the stairs with a picaxe you will get an extra brick stone or wood.

Make and place a stone stairs.Then place a door one the stone stairs. Two doors should automatically appear.

Follow the steps below.

1. Make a nether land portal.
2. Get any piece of material that you want to be unlimited.
3. Throw it into the nether portal.
4. Go in to retrive your item.
5. Go back to the real world.

If done correctly you will now have an endless supply of that material.

By making your gamer tags name either Dinnerbone or Grumm, it will flip your person upside down in game.

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