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Marvel: Contest Of Champions

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Marvel: Contest Of Champions - iPhone iPod

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To earn Battle Chips, win versus matches to get Versus crystals. Use those crystals to have a chance of getting Battle Chips as a reward. You can use Battle Chips to purchase an Arena Crystal.

Try to start each battle by blocking. Opponents will usually start a round with an attack. Either block or swipe backwards, then counterattack.

Champions must be leveled up in order to progress. Champions have ranks, each of which have ten levels. A two-star character has three ranks, allowing him or her to leveled up thirty times. Each time you level up ten times you will need a catalyst. By ranking up, you will increase a Champion's AP and HP and unlock new special attacks and increase the level of "specials", their passive abilities. Champions at maximum level can rank up to improve their stats. To rank up a Champion, you will need specified catalysts. Note. After ranking up, the tier (number of stars) will remain the same.

At times your characters will get a class bonus or penalty depending on the class of their opponent. Always avoid class penalties by swiping through your heroes until you find one with a class bonus. Each class is stronger and weaker to other classes, in the following order. Cosmic is stronger than Skill. Skill is stronger than Tech. Tech is stronger than Mutant. Mutant is stronger than Science. Science is stronger than Mystic. Mystic is stronger than Cosmic.

Bleed damage will bypass resistances and armor. Use a heavy attack to break an opponent's block. If your Champion or unit has been knocked out, use a revive potion (green orb) to make them available again. They are obtained as rewards for defeating stage Bosses or as special rewards in normal fights. Some Champion attacks can stun their opponents, making them unable to attack or block.

The following crystals convey the corresponding effects.

Arena Crystal: Chance of getting a four-star Punisher. Other prizes include gold and units. They cost 2,000 battle chips.
Daily Crystal: Chance to get a three-star hero. Available every 24 hours.
Free Crystal: Gives consumables and gold. Available every 4 hours.
Hero Crystal: Gives a one-star champion with a chance for a two-star hero. You will always get this option when first starting, however it is eventually replaced for Premium Hero Crystals, unless you obtain a Hero Crystal as special drop reward.
Premium Hero Crystal: Gives a two-star champion with a chance of a 4-star hero. You will not receive unit discount prices for buying larger crystal packs.
Quest Crystal: Obtained by completing quests after defeating stage Bosses.
Versus Crystal: Gives battle chips or a three-star Punisher. Obtained by winning versus matches,

Note: You can get the same Champion by using either a regular crystal or a premium crystal. However, their tier (number of stars) will be different. This will change their end stats because a champion can rank up, but cannot upgrade their tier.

Play and win Versus matches to get Versus crystals. They reward you with gold or Battle Chips. Battle Chips can be spent on an Arena Crystal, which gives you a chance at getting a four-star Champion. You will earn a crystal every four hours of game play. It rewards you with consumables. Log in daily to get a free crystal. It rewards you with a two-star or better Champion. The purple crystals collected during quests have a variety of rewards, but the most common is ISO-8. Premium Hero crystals can be purchased with Units, the game's premium currency. These crystals will always result in a two-star Champion at the minimum.

Explore all of the tiles in a quest.

Units are the game's premium currency. The more you have, the better your chance at obtaining rare champions. Save Units and spend 100 of them on the Premium Hero Crystals. You can get 2 to 4 star champions from them. Play and win Versus mode matches to get Arena crystals that can be spent in the vault for a chance at obtaining a 4 star hero. You will also win Battle Chips that can be used to obtain a good hero or free Units.

Use the time limited special events to get catalysts to rank up your characters. To start a special event, tap on the "Special Events" tab and choose one of the main three events. You must fully complete the event to get catalysts and other rewards. You have to start the event again if all your champions get knocked out. Additionally, there is a time limited daily event which offers the chance of obtaining special catalysts. For example, the Skill Strike Event will reward you with Skill Catalysts. The Proving Grounds give you all three tiers of basic Catalysts.

The Special meter at the bottom of the screen fills when you deal and take damage. Some Champions may have multiple special moves they can execute. However, the meter must be filled twice before using the second move and three times for the third move. Use a Special as soon as you have it if you are not going to wait for the next one to become available.

The starter 1-star champions are out-classed quickly. Do not upgrade them. Wait until you get a better champion, then begin upgrading them as soon as possible until reaching their maximum level. Gold, ISO-8 and Catalysts are required to upgrade your champions. A certain amount of ISO-8 needed to level up, and gold is needed to infuse it into your character. After reaching level cap, use Catalysts to increase your character's rank until also hits its maximum cap. One and two-star Champions can only access their later special moves when their rank is high enough.

Unlike many fighting games, in this one defense is important, so learn to block and learn to dodge by swiping left on the left side of the screen as well. Start the fight by blocking since the computer, not always but very often, tries to get the first blow. Avoid as much damage as possible and attack only when you have an opening. Your Champions don't recover health in-between fights. During quests they recover by using consumable potions.

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