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MageCraft: The War

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for MageCraft: The War on iPhone iPod

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Use the immunity granted when you first start playing to build an army for defense. Your overall defense rating when other players attack is calculated by the number of units you have, how strong they are, and your other defensive options. Upgrade your Barracks, in order to increase the number of units you can train for your army. Upgrade your farms and build more of them when necessary to keep your army fed.

Part of the tutorial involves building a Crypt. Use it to store units that you want to keep from harm. However, you also cannot use those units to defend your castle while you are gone.

Open the gift box with a blue spiral at the bottom right corner of the castle screen every fifteen minutes to receive a random reward that includes resources and soldiers.

You can recruit Scouts and use them for espionage. Send them to a neutral enemy base or a player base to learn information about it. Having Scouts also helps defend yourself against enemy spies. Phantasms, Assassins, and other similar units are used to counter other scout unit types. The more active Scouts you have, the less effective their enemy espionage attempts will be.

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