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Looney Tunes Dash!

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Looney Tunes Dash! on iPhone iPod

Coins are used to purchase upgrades and improved abilities. Large coins are worth 25; try to collect them if possible. Activate the ACME Vac power-up to automatically collect all nearby items, including coins.

Some levels feature paths that will branch. If a path has a lot of "Warning" signs, it indicates the presence of an expert path. Such paths have more obstacles than usual, resulting in more points. There are also more coins in those paths.

Some levels contain a Looney card. Collect it to add it to your Looney Bin collection. There are different card collections, each with a nine total cards. Complete an entire collection to earn a star.

You can earn easy points by dodging obstacles. Instead of using safe routes, try playing dangerously. Note: This also includes sliding into barrels.

Complete level six to unlock the Super Stomp ability. Super Stomp sends out a shockwave in front of you that destroys all nearby obstacles, and also stuns Elmer Fudd. If you smash him while stunned, all coins will be outlined red and will be double their value. This also happens if you hit Elmer with a mallet. Abilities will recharge over time, but can be instantly used again if you collect a power up.


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