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Lindsay Lohan's The Price Of Fame

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Lindsay Lohan's The Price Of Fame on iPhone iPod

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Lindsay Lohan's The Price Of Fame Cheats

This is an important early purchase because it increases the value of each swipe. Upgrade Coconut Water to level 3 to get a x5 multiplier on fan swipes.

The best way to boost your Party Bus capacity and fans is though the Publicity investment. This can give you more points than from swiping, as it works while the game is idle. Turn off the auto lock feature on your device to take advantage of this. You can also advance the time on your device to gain points faster. Afterwards, set the time back to its correct value.

Connect to Facebook and go to the Supercharge screen to get one Red Carpet booster. Afterwards, you can link your account to Facebook to get twice the amount of fans per second while you are playing.

The star category of the upgrades require social media connections. Connect to Facebook to get a passive x2 multiplier to the amount of fans you automatically generate. Join the email list to get a 20% boost in earnings. Read an article to get a 50% boost in your fans.

Learn proper swiping technique to gain more fans. If you swipe up too far the fan will get swept off of the screen. If you move them too little, they will not leave or count towards your total. Try swiping with two fingers to make it faster and easier.

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