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Let It Goat

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Let It Goat on iPhone iPod

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Let It Goat Cheats

Spikes and other obstacles count as checkpoints. When you jump over them, a meter will build. The more obstacles passed, the higher the count.

Gems will always spawn at the edge of pits. When they are on the same side as you are, wait until the last possible moment to jump on them. If the gems are immediately after the gap, you can jump earlier than usual to make sure you will not miss them. At times you will find a single spike or zombie hand in front of you, immediately after a drop. Do not attempt try jump over them, as this is a trap to get you to lose a life on another obstacle just ahead. To get past this situation, let Mounty fall off the ledge and he will land just after the obstacle. You will then be ready to jump over the second obstacle.

After collecting enough gems you will unlock the chance for the goat to ride a special Power Bear. This bear provides protects your goat for up to one hit. He has the same jumping capability of the goat. Do not use the two free Power Bears immediately. Do not use them until you are comfortable with the timing of your jumps, then use them to their best potential.

Your score is based on how many obstacles you pass. When you pass one spike or corpse, you will get 1 point it. And as you make progress, you will get score multipliers to boost your points. The farther you get, the tougher it will become.

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