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Land Sliders

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Land Sliders Cheats

Altars are stone areas that have a skull icon in the center and three pathways leading from it that end in circles. Kite an enemy on the skull icon and they will die. One of the circles will turn red. After killing three enemies in this manner, all three circles will turn red and the message "Your sacrifice has been accepted" will appear and you will be given 10 coins. You can continue using the altar to kill enemies.

As you earn coins, you can purchase new characters at the main hub by opening a blind box for 100 coins. The character you receive will be random. As characters gather collectibles, they will level up and receive coins. Because lower levels require less collectibles, it is easier to get bonus coins by playing with lots of different low level characters. After a character reaches the level 5 maximum cap, they can still earn bonus coins by getting collectibles. For every 500 collectibles obtained with a capped character, you will earn 25 coins.

Items that are collected varies with each character. For example, the starting character Turny, collects maps while Umbrella needs rain boots, and Toilet collects plungers. You do not have to get all the collectibles to advance to the next level. They will just increment your score. You can check how many collectibles are remaining by standing near the red exit button. Leave any collectibles that are in dangerous areas. When all collectibles in a level are taken, you will be awarded a bonus of 5 extra pieces added to your score. Because you also recieve 5 extra pieces for exiting a level, each fully cleared level that is exited gives you 10 bonus collectibles. If you die after getting all the collectibles but before you reaching the level exit, you will only get 5 bonus pieces. Collectibles that spawn as part of the level can always be reached, albeit through routes that may not be obvious. However, collectibles that drop when enemies or rabbits die may be in locations that are unreachable. Such collectibles are not counted towards the level completion bonus. When enemies die, they will explode into a pile of collectibles. Note that killing them through a pit or water will keep you from grabbing their collectibles. You do not have to touch a collectible or coin to grab it. Move near it and it will be drawn towards you. However, you must be at the same altitude as the collectible. Being over or under it in elevation will have no effect.

Coordinate tablets appear on a small cross of concrete between hedges, marked with a set of coordinates. Occasionally there will also be an item such as "palm" or "rock" mentioned.

Enemies can be used against each another, allowing you to grab their collectibles after they are killed. For example, kite bears or pogosaurus into cactus turtles. When a bull charges, it will kill anything in its path, including turtles. Enemies that enter cloud spider acid pools will be killed. However the same type of enemy will not harm each other. Also, bears and pogosauruses are immune to each another. Lead enemies off cliffs or into water to kill them. Bears are very easy to kill because they will follow you directly. Pogosaurus can jump off cliffs and into water with the proper timing and angle. You can bump into the back of a sleeping bear without dying. You can use this to directly knock them into water or off cliffs. You can slide under Pogosaurus while he is jumping in mid-air. Make sure you get out of his way before he lands. Enemies can use elevators. Although enemies will not use the purble elevator buttons, they can end up on one while chasing you. You can use this behavior to kite an enemy to a higher level to a turtle or altar.

Enemies have specific attack patterns.

Black bear
Begins to chase you when you get close. It is a larger and faster version of the brown bear and wakes up very fast. It is almost as fast as your character. Dodge it once it begins to chase you and try to escape to a higher level or kill it.

Brown bear
Sleeps until you are near, then it will wake up and chase you by following your movements. Get far enough so they get off-screen and they will stop chasing you and go back to sleep.

Stands in the same location until you get too close. It will then quickly charge in a line. Their charge is easy to dodge unless they are very close. Bulls will change direction very slightly while charging in order to follow you. They will continue charging until they collide with something or drop off a cliff or enter water.

Cactus turtle
Wanders slowly around a small area. They will never chase you.

Cloud spider
Floats overhead and drops octagonal pools of acid. A purple outline will warn you where the acid will splash, and that area will fill in soon. Acid will kill on contact. There are two types of cloud spiders, green and purple. The green variety drops acid near the area it is floating at. The purple version drops acid anywhere on the map and is usually faster. Cloud spiders cannot be killed.

Giant ghost
Appears if you steal from his grave. He is large, taking up about a quarter of the screen. He is fast and chases you without stopping. He will kill anything else he touches. You can kite him to clear out enemies. It is best to save any grave items for the last part of the level, then sprint to the exit button after collecting them.

Chases you are when you get near. It uses bounces to move and can cover a lot of area quickly. They are relentless and can jump over cliffs and water. However they cannot jump over spikes or go up in elevation.

Hot sauce invincibility protects you from damage, such as colliding into enemies and spikes. However, dropping into water or falling off cliffs can still kill you. Enemies will run away while you are invincible. With the exception of turtles, they will run the opposite direction when you approach them with hot sauce. Make sure you are ready to chase them as soon as you collect the hot sauce bottle. To clear them out quickly, chase them off cliffs or into water.

Keys are always available on the level they are required. For example, exit buttons may appear in locked cages. To reach the exit and begin the next level, you must get a golden key to enter the cage.

When you slide over water or a pit, you will float briefly and can slide to safety. During this time an exclamation point will appear over your character's head to alert you that you are in danger. When it appears, quickly swipe to reach safety. Make slow and precise movements by holding down. You can move very slowly and carefully by holding and using it as a virtual joystick. You can change directions in mid-air. When the exclamation point appears while you are in the air, you will be able to move in any direction. You can use these mid-air movements to get around enemies or to cross water. You can also slide back in the direction you came from.

Quests are a type of mini-challenges that reward you with coins. When a gold exclamation point button appears in a level, stop on it to get a quest. When you complete the assigned quest, the next stage you enter should have one of those buttons. You can always have a quest active. Do so to get extra coins.

Silver or gold rabbits will occasionally hop around and run away when you get close. Catch a rabbit by sliding into it, and it will explode. Silver rabbits explode into collectibles and gold rabbits will result into coins. Rabbits are quick and will jump off cliffs when chased. If a rabbit hits an enemy, they may also explode and allow you to collect the reward.

Stone puzzles appear as a ring of raised circular stones that drop when stepped on. The top stone has a string of inputs listed, and the other five stones contain symbols and numbers. You have to enter the string from the top stone in the correct order. Then, you step on the top stone to accept your input. If correct, a red exit button will appear in the middle of the stones. If wrong, the stones will be reset and you can try again.

You may find large, flat areas of stone in the shape of a sunburst. Slide into the middle of the sun and remain still for a few seconds. A keypad will appear with the word "Restricted" at the top and nine different buttons marked symbols. They keypad requires a 10-digit code to solve.

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