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King Of Thieves

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King Of Thieves Cheats

Coins accumulate in your lair continuously. , Collect them often before they reach their limit. Note: You can also increase the amount of coin storage in your lair through an upgrade. Upgrade your dungeon when possible to keep your items safe, and allow you to collect coins each time an invader dies in a trap.

Watch replays of invasions to determine weaknesses in your defense. Place a way around your traps. You must clear your own traps before the game will save them to your lair. Locks are your first defense against invaders. Build as many as possible. Be careful when upgrading traps, as you will be vulnerable during this time. Start one upgrade at a time.

After liberating a mine at the map screen, return occasionally to collect a gem.

Complete missions to win orbs and experience.

Purchase outfits for more agility and health. When you complete a level, you will sometimes receive items such as leaves and mushrooms as a reward. They can be used to upgrade your outfit with additional health, agility, and other stat boosts. Tap the small person in your home lair to design and change outfits.

The less deaths you have, the better the reward at the chest. Before starting your run, examine the entire dungeon to develop a route. Move patiently since there is no time limit.

Play through single-player campaign mode for new totems. Completing those levels will reward you with experience, gold, gems, and totems. Totems will crumble when used several times. The first few totem rituals will only require a short amount of time. After that, they will require significantly more time. When you start a longer totem ritual, save keys because of players that will raid and steal your gems. If you can react quickly, you can steal your gems back.

You can apply three different methods to upgrade your dungeon. Upgrades will carry over from each dungeon. You can upgrade the maximum key capacity, maximum gold mine capacity, and locks. Upgrading the locks is the most important method. It adds an extra lock to your dungeon door, requiring more keys from potential thieves.

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