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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

House parties for events

For future weekend house party events, here's a suggestion for getting it done quickly to get the free awards at the end (if you don't have the energy cheat):

Buy the Calabasas Mansion. It's the only house you can invite 7 guests and its the guests that will help you on this. Start with full energy. Select 8 hour party and Invite 7 guests from your professional contacts. Go to each guest and tap "Small talk" with each. It's 5 stars but you will get 1 energy and 1 large Purple Heart in return. Tap on anything that requires 4 energy after you chat with guests. You'll be halfway through the challenge now and have used 32 energy bolts. Wait 1 hour - during the hour, travel and tap all free spots to refill your energy. After an hour, Return to Calabasas mansion and the "small talk" icon should reappear above each guest. This takes an hour to reset but you can take your time. You'll need 28 energy bolts to complete the 2nd part. Tap the "small talk" icon for all 7 guests. And you're done. Bonus: always chat with professional contacts when they have a blue star in the chat bubble. Tap the star to get 5 points regardless of their level. These points will eventually win you bonus rewards like K coins, 5 free energy bolts and cash for 4 levels of "Industry" achievements at different spots (250, 500, 750, 1000 I think that's the level system).

Here's what you'll get with this method:

8 hr party = 34 purple stars (20 Purple stars + 14 purple stars from "small talk" (2x with 7 guests). Must allow an hour.
3 hr party = 21 purple stars (12 purple stars for getting 5 stars at completion + 8 purple stars from "small talk" - once with 7 guests/ twice with 1 guest). must allow 1 hour.

Both take an hour to reset the Small Talk icon but the 8 hour party lets you get 14 additional stars as long as you tap the small talk icon twice plus a 4 energy icon.

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