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Iron Force

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Iron Force on iPhone iPod

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Sneak behind obstacles to remain in cover. Try to get behind an enemy and shoot at least one shot.

Always remain moving, especially in open areas. Even when fighting with another tank, move side to side to throw off your opponent's aim. Use obstacles as cover from enemy fire. Choose locations such as a corner that will limit your exposed flanks and blind spots.

Enemy tanks will drop gems and items when destroyed. One of the best power-ups that are dropped is the bullet. It will double your fire power temporarily. Spend gems at the pattern and decal store to make your tank temporarily stronger. Patterns will increase your attack power or fire rate. Decals will increase your armor. Only purchase decals and patterns if you will be playing the entire time that they last.

Begin by upgrading your Turret and Engine to eventually get the N2O and Aiming Turret items. N2O will boost your tanks speed once per battle. The Aiming Turret allows you to take out distant targets safely. Upgrading Tracks is also recommended, as it is cheap and improves both your armor and movement speed.


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