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Immortal Legends - TD

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Immortal Legends - TD - iPhone iPod

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Place the correct allies in the corresponding locations. For example, your starting allies includes Little Monkey as a ranged attacker and Big Monkey as a melee attacker. Big Monkey does not have very high attack power, but has high health. Enemies usually will not attack ranged allies. Place ranged allies first, followed by a melee ally. Enemies will target the melee ally, allowing your ranged allies to finish them off if they are close enough.

After the first set of levels are completed, you will receive new heroes as rewards. This gives you a better chance against the enemies that appear very fast. If you do not have any melee allies in your party consider using your heroes. Try to keep moving to be useful. Repeatedly send them to where enemies are located. They will automatically attack when in range. Some heroes are more suited for a tank role than others. For example, Monkey King is better suited as an attacker, while Pigsy makes a better tank.

Make sure your heroes are fully upgraded, especially when you have problems with a certain level. Every hero has a weapon and armor that can be upgraded after spending coins. They also give active and passive skills, but these must first be unlocked by spending scrolls. Scrolls are obtained by completing a level without losing any lotus leaves. Spend coins to upgrade allies to improve their attack damage, health, and blue orb cost. Allies can also evolve after they reach their maximum level as long as you have the required resources.

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