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I Have A Pen

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for I Have A Pen on iPhone iPod

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Tip 1: Due to the time it takes in between tossing the pen and having the pen hit the target, there will be a minor hold-up after you tap the screen. One of the most proven techniques is to tap the pen when you are right away below another pen since of this. The hold-up will suffice for you to hit the apple just clear of the pen.

Tip 2: To contribute to this, when you know that you have the timing right, do 2 taps in fast succession. Do them with 2 hands, one after the other, in order to make it simpler to do. Tap with just sufficient space between the 2 taps so that you do not unintentionally launch the 2 pens into each other and lose the round.

Tip 3: You'll see gems along the apple, and if you hit the gem with the pen, you'll gather it and include it to your overall. Attempt not to do the two-pen toss technique on locations where there is a gem, since most likely than not, you will wind up tossing pens and landing them on either side of the gem, without in fact striking it. You wish to gather the gems so that you can invest them in the shop.

Tip 4: Head to the shop and start going shopping around for new pens when you do gather enough gems. You can acquire new pens for anywhere in between 80 and 600 gems depending upon the style. You can equip them once you do. This will not alter the gameplay at all; this will just alter the look of the pen itself. You can also earn free pens for Facebook likes, Instagram follows or Twitter follows.

Tip 5: There is an almost limitless amount of levels in this game. Go to the leading international ratings, insides the button that appears like a bar chart, in order to see exactly what the leading international ratings are for either iOS or Android through Game Center or Google Play. There are no hacked high ratings, so you will just be comparing yourself versus real players making real ratings.


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