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Identity V

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The abilities your hunter has can be used in the field to help you locate and trap survivors. Hell Ember is the hunter you'll start with, and his first ability are puppets you can place in the field which will surveil the area, and highlight any survivors that run through their line of sight. You even get more puppets as you go. Other hunters of course have other abilities. You can check each hunter and their abilities from the Witness Record so you can plan your strategy ahead of battle. | Submitted by DayleJ

After you've struck at a survivor twice with your weapon they'll go down on the floor, and this is where you can pick them up with balloons - for whatever reason. To get rid of them, you'll need to sit them in a rocket chair, which will blast them off to oblivion. Which is always nice. When seated, you can stick by the chair to make sure it blasts off without being impeded by other survivors, or even use it as bait so you can lure survivors in before whacking them down. | Submitted by DayleJ

The main goal for a hunter is to take down the team of four survivors that will be scattering themselves around a level. The first thing they need to do is use typewriters to unlock a switch. Luckily, important areas like typewriters are highlighted on your screen, so keep checking areas like those to find survivors. So the first goal is to stop them from using those typewriters, by taking them out or scaring them away. You will of course be able to see survivors running around, so keep an eye out. | Submitted by DayleJ

The hunter has a few unlockable traits to take advantage of that will give a bunch of different advantages, all of which you can adapt to your playstyle. The first trait will allow you to hear the heavy footsteps of survivors running, which is incredibly useful, but you'll soon gain traits which can impede progress of typewriters, heal rocket chairs, and can even let you teleport. They're all incredibly useful, so give them a chance as you unlock them, and stick with the one that best works with how you play Identity V. | Submitted by DayleJ

To get survivors down on the ground you'll need to hit them twice, which is certainly easier said than done. After you hit a survivor, your hunter will have a small but significant stall, where they stand still. This gives the survivor plenty of time to escape, and you'll have to give chase again. Remember they don't have to stand still for you to hit them, just get right up on their back while chasing, and watch for any traps they leave in their wake. | Submitted by DayleJ


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