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Heroes Of Dragon Age

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Heroes Of Dragon Age Cheats

Get card packs to earn more heroes. The Recruit Card packs allow you to get mostly common cards but have a small chance of uncommon and rare cards. The Warrior Card pack is more useful because at least one uncommon card is guaranteed. The Champion Packs always give rare or better cards. The Warrior and the Champion Packs are sold for coins. The Ultimate Card pack requires an in-app purchase but always incluses an epic hero.

After completing a campaign level, master it by repeating it. The enemies will increase in difficulty. This is a good way to collect coins and gems.

The color of a hero's base indicates how rare they are (gold, silver, or bronze). Generally, the rarer your hero, the stronger it will be. Gold is the rarest color. Heroes also have a secondary color on their bases. If all four warriors' secondary colors match, they will have a damage bonus. Red is strong against blue, blue is strong against black, black is strong against white, and white is strong against red.

Initiative determines how quickly combatants attack. Fast fighters are marked with a green icon and will usually attack first and often. Slower fighters are marked with yellow and red icons and will take some time to attack but will do powerful damage.

Consume warriors that are no longer needed to transfer experience points. Level up the weaker warrior first for a larger experience boost. The rarer your warrior is, the more experience it will confer when consumed. If you consume five warriors, the recipient hero's chances of doing double damage in battle increases. You can combine similar heroes to make a new hero with increased experience and status potential. Combining two identical heroes gives the new warrior a 10% experience bonus.

Heroes in the front row get a health bonus, but are attacked more often. Heroes in the back row can do extra damage to enemies.

When a hero is summoned, a rune may also appear. Runes are used to give your party temporary bonuses in battle, such as more damage or a speed burst. The effects of runes are temporary. Once used, runes will disappear.

Every battle costs a unit of stamina to fight. When your stamina runs out, you must wait for it to refill before you can fight again. However, gems can be used to instantly refill stamina. Strategically level up to have both your stamina and energy restored for free. Try to get close to a level up when your energy and stamina are near empty.

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