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Grappling Garry

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Grappling Garry on iPhone iPod

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There are several bonuses that will increase your points. The Near Miss bonus is awarded when barely slip past a mine. Another bonus is awarded when you pass rows with multiple mines.

After a hook is destroyed after you grapple from it, you will have about two seconds before Garry falls completely off screen. This is useful when mines are positioned badly above you. Wait a brief amount of time for space to appear between the mines before launching up. You can grapple below Garry if needed. Use this when you moved too fast and are in danger of colliding with a mine. Simply go down, then go back up again on a different hook. Grappling hooks will not deactivate until Garry collides with them. If you grapple a hook then switch to another one before Garry reaches it, the first hook can be used again.


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