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G.I. Joe War On Cobra

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for G.I. Joe War On Cobra on iPhone iPod

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One of the best strategies you can employ in G.I. Joe War on Cobra is it to have a unit that fills a tank roll (B.A.T's or Roadblock are both good choices) and then placing a unit (such as Steel Battalion or Baroness) which can deal plenty of damage protected behind your tank which is out front. You will find this formation will ensure the best outcome in many scenarios.

In G.I. Joe War On Cobra there are different types of resources you can collect for different functions. Oil and Intel are used to upgrade the buildings in your base. Minerals are used to Resupply and Recharge your units and expand your World Map. Credits are used to upgrade your units. Aside from collecting them in battles the buildings in your base can generate Oil, Minerals, and Intel. Credits are received from your Credits Delivery Boat and from opening Cargo.

During the early game of G.I. Joe War On Cobra make sure whenever possible you do the Tips and Achievements (including mission objectives). These are worthwhile doing as they not only allow you to earn rewards but also teach you how to do most of the core activities and actions in the game.

Another effective way to make it difficult for the enemy to reach your HQ is to create a labyrinth that they must traverse using your Tank Traps, Mines, and Turrets. Make sure you strategically place your Turrets to ensure you maximize the damage sustained by the enemy as they attempt to make it through your carefully-planned death trap.

When invading an opponents base it is advised that you first try to clear a path for your army by taking out the most dangerous buildings as quickly as possible. Threats such as Artillery, Rocket Salvos, Sea Lasers, and Missle Turrets should be dealt with straight away. In most scenarios a well-placed Command card or Leader Command can make short work of these defenders.

Log in daily to G.I. Joe War on Cobra to receive free rewards like Diamonds, Resources, and Cargo. Each day you login you will receive 1 item from both the 30 day rewards and Streak Rewards features.

Participate in Events any time they are active as doing so will give you the opportunity to obtain resources, Rank Up items, open Cargoes, and collect the featured Unit cards.

It is important that you level up the units of your team by performing Rank Ups whenever you can so you make it as effective as possible. Rank Ups will give the units in your team access to new special abilities and unlock new Commands for Leaders which when used at the correct time can turn the tide of any battle. EXP is used to perform Rank Ups, you can earn EXP by building and upgrading buildings in your base.

Make constructing buildings that spawn defenders (such as Guard Towers or Barracks) a priority as these will give attackers the dilema of choosing between defeating the building or the spawned units. Try to construct as many of this type of building as possible at your base as they make an effective defense.

You can gain access to new nodes on your World Map by upgrading your Radar Dish. Then using the Minerals you have collected you can buy these new areas to expand your World Map.

To be able to upgrade your cards in G.I. Joe War On Cobra you will first need to open some Cargo and collect the cards inside of them. Once you have obtained a certain number of a unit's cards and have the required amount of credits you will be able to upgrade its level.

You will have an opportunity to earn various rewards by watching the video advertisements whenever they are available. You can also earn Diamonds from the Player Base by watching video advertisements. Also when you open Cargo, you can choose to watch a video advertisement to open the Cargo a second time for a chance to receive different rewards.

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