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Gangstar: Miami Vindication

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Gangstar: Miami Vindication on iPhone iPod

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Enter the following codes during gameplay.


On top of the gunshop in the purple area there is a cop hellicopter with mini-gun. Hint: Sometimes you must run around the building for a few times for hellicopter to be on the gunshop. | Submitted by Raulmadrid

Simply go to the field opposite the one with the octopus and go into the indent with the tree and two rocks if you desire a flame thrower for free of cost. It just takes a couple of seconds to respawn, so you can top up your ammunition for ages.

Collect all the hidden surfboards. Once you have collected them a thing will pop up telling you you've got the mini boat.

Each briefcase contains $2,500. theres one on the airport,two on the swamp,one near alberts garage. note:the first mission that johnny has to pee. and the long bridge. Note: pass the bridge to the north and turn right you can see a house with a pool and theres a case there.

If you are in a hellicopter or on a bulding and jump out select Pause while in the air (does not work all the time) and you will land on the floor with out dying. | Submitted by Raulmadrid

The UFO is found on the swamp and can be easily seen in the night. Because in night it glows blue. There is an octopus mark in the meadows and I actually think the UFO did it as an invasion.

Die while in the police helicopter.

Collect hidden wheels and find it in any parking plus a hidden wheel in a bullet time shop on the roof.