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Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore on iPhone iPod

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Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore Cheats

Aim assist, instantly snap your targeting reticle to enemy ships once they're close adequate to your objective. This makes intending a lot easier, so keep it enable unless you like the additional challenge. Each sector has explorable zones that you can fly around easily without stressing over fight. Sectors will consist of concealed intel files and cages. You'll have to depend on your drone to ferret out these concealed items. Your drone will start to flash green when you're getting close to something when you're flying around. Once your drone flies off by itself, that implies it's locked onto something. Follow it to declare your reward! The majority of the covert items will lie around stations or particles. They'll never ever be just drifting around in void. Intel just appears to be beneficial for supplying some background details on the characters and world. The crates are the real treasure here, as depending upon exactly what kind of crate it is you'll get some goodies that you can use to make your ships more powerful. Never ever take an enemy ship head on. As appealing as it is to keep the enemies in your sight while you auto-fire, they'll be heading directly for you too, leaving you open to just as much fire. Attempt to tail your enemies or juke em; keep in mind to use your evade roll to prevent enemy fire! Use the brakes! Braking does not consume your ship's energy, you can brake for as long as required. You can use braking for sharper turns, securing an area, simpler intending, etc. If you take excessive damage, you'll see a blue caution symbol in the middle of your screen, implying that your guards are presently down. If you can prevent taking damage for a couple of seconds your guards will charge, Boost out of damage's way and take cover. Watch out for yellow icons as they are typically connected to your main goal. Be specifically careful of enemy indications that have yellow borders around them. The yellow border represents that it's a high concern target. On the levels where bombs are heading to frigates you require to protect, the bombs will have the yellow border.

When you're being chased across the vast sky, you can try using one of those good old flying maneuvers where you slow down and let the enemy get in front of you. It can be quite useful. When you're under enemy fire and your shields are down, use speed boosts to run away long enough for your shields to charge. You can also use speed boosts to chase down some evasive enemies and get rid of them quickly. Use lasers just as a covering fire. Your main weapons should be missiles, so learn how to use them properly. Make sure your energy bar is full before going into any battle. You will need all the energy you can get. Wingmen who refill your missiles can be a lot more useful than the healing ones. Thereís no point in being healed continuously if you canít cause serious damage to your enemy.

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