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Fruit Ninja

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Fruit Ninja on iPhone iPod

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Fruit Ninja Cheats

When playing Fruit Classic hold your finger on the big fruit when they come up get an easy 40 points.

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

AchievementHow to unlock

Its easy you just have to rapidly slide your finger to the left and to the right in the bottom as fast as you can because there are no bombs and you will win.

It says to unlock bambo blade you have to play in zen mode for 5 days in a row. You don't want wait 5 days so first play zen mode than when you are done playing it go to you ipod/iphone settings. Next find general and when you go to general find date and time. And last turn off the automatic time and date and find where it says set date and time and then just change it to next day. Example: april 21 and change it to the 22nd. When you change it to the next day play in zen mode again, when done with zen mode change the date to the other next day until you did it 5 times. Doing this trick will take about six minutes.

To get the 'Lovely Bunch' Achievement and the star you need a combo of 6 coconuts in Zen mode.

When you have played at least five games catch a freeze banana and frenzy that appear at the same time. When you have this option you will get multiple bonuses every time you cut fruits. Another advantage of this perk is that the clock is slowed down allowing you to cut more fruits and enable you to aim for a higher score.

Go to the pixel love blade in the senseis swag. On the side click on be a fan on Facebook. Then when you go back , it will say you have unlocked a new blade.

Just swipe the screen randomly on classic mode and you will get it. It doesn't always work but it should.

When you complete games on Zen mode you will get a random fruit fact on the same screen where you get your stats for each round. When you are given three strawberry related ones you will get a Strawberry Fact. In some versions of the game there are arrows on the screen that let you change between views allowing you to see the fruit fact you get at the end of the round.

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