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Five Nights At Freddy's 4

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Five Nights At Freddy's 4 on iPhone iPod

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Complete Night 6. Enter 20202020 at the "Extra" menu. Select the "20/20/20/20" option that replaces the "Nightmare" option to play Night 8.

You will not be able see the animatronics approaching you and must rely on hearing their sounds. The animatronics will become more aggressive as your progress through the nights. Learn what they sound like when they are standing in the shadow of your open doors during the early nights. If anything sounds different than usual, shut the door. Never shine the flashlight down the hall after running to the door. If an animatronic is near, they will jump at you as soon as the flashlight is used. Instead, listen carefully for a few seconds before turning on the light. If you hear something the is not a normal background noise, shut the door. Turn around occasionally and use your light on the bed. Little Freddies like to appear there, and if too many of them congregate, Freddy Fazbear (or the head of Nightmare Fredbear on Night 5) will appear. Do not bother checking the closet until you hear the closet door creak or you see it move. This is a sign that Foxy (or Nightmare Fredbear on Night 5) is there. When this happens, include the closet on your patrol. When you check the closet, be ready to shut the door immediately. Foxy may jump out of the closet when you shine your light inside. Quickly shut the door to avoid ending the game.

During one of the mini-games, you will be in a room with a television and couch. Turn on the television to see the "Fredbear and Friends" 1983 program.

Nightmare Fredbear only appears on Night 5, with no other animatronics. Shining the flashlight at him when he is in the hall will attract him. If you hear him approaching from either side, shut the door. He also appears in the closet and on your bed, making it necessary for you to watch those areas as well.

Complete Night 6. Night 7 can now be selecting by choosing "Extra" at the main menu and then "Nightmare".


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