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Egg, Inc.

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Egg, Inc. - iPhone iPod

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Tap the 'Check List' button if you are not sure what it is you should be working towards to complete a mission. Whatever the requirement you should be able to achieve it by playing the game in a regular manner.

You can use multiple fingers to tap the red button faster and improve the production.

Using Gold Eggs will get you some awesome upgrades like Soul Food and Silo Quality. Use them as soon as you get a chance.

Try to upgrade both shacks and vehicles equally to get the optimal production.

Keep an eye out for flying drones. If you tap them, youíll get money or a gold egg. Either way, itís something good.

Donít ignore the alerts on the right side of the screen. They offer valuable information about your farm and some special deals.

Of course, you can always watch some small ads to get bonus eggs, so donít forget it.

Researches like Comfortable Nest and Nutritional Supplements should be your priority. They increase the number of produced eggs as well as the price, so youíll get a lot more money.

Getting a new egg type seems like starting from the top, but it actually means youíve advanced to a new level.

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