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Eat Eat Hooray!

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Eat Eat Hooray! on iPhone iPod

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Go to settings, date&time, forward time one hour. Back out of settings, double click home button, hold eat eat hooray icon until it wiggles and press minus to close. Go back to eat eat hooray and open. Collect CUPCAKES only, not money, or else it will mess up your money. Close game and repeat process hour by hour until you have a stash of cupcakes. When you're done go back and change time back to normal and go explore with all your cupcakes!

Money problem: if you try to cheat wi the money, when you go back to correct date&time it will make all your coineries go negative.. If you click collect it will take away all your money. So,be sure to only collect cupcakes when cheating or you'll be sorry. Hope this was helpful!

Upgrade a fossil coinery while its upgrading tap the builder guys p p and he will giggle and start pelvic thrusting and rexputin will show up doing a hot babe surrounded by strippers in Moro cages and in their cheeks will be unlimited things if you click them.


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