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Drug Wars!

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Drug Wars! on iPhone iPod

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Tip 1: Buy at the lowest possible price and sell as high as possible. There will usually be at least one product in one of the cities that you can get for a lower price than what it sells for elsewhere.

Tip 2: Start with the first two, cheapest, products then purchase products that cost more. You will make more profit from the top products due to their price differences.

Tip 3: When the random event that gives you a choice of purchasing a sausage or a larger inventory occurs, buy them. The sausage is used when dealing with the police. Extra inventory allows you to carry more products, and thus increases your profits.

Tip 4: Keep your inventory full to increase your profits and do not rely on random events.

Tip 5: Manhattan is the only area that always is marked with the dollar bill icon, indicating that the prices are really very there.

Tip 6: Pay off your debt to the loan shark in Brooklyn as soon as possible because of its high interest rate.


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