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Drop The Ball!

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Drop The Ball! on iPhone iPod

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Tip 1: The closest game to this is Ketchapp's Falling Ballz, but there are some major differences between the two games. For one, you always only shoot one ball at a time; as such, the number of hits that it takes to knock out each obstacle will always stay pretty consistent. So the longevity of your run relies more on skill than on collecting more balls.

Tip 2: Once you lose at a specific round, you'll get the opportunity to watch a video in order to get a second chance. Once the video is done, you'll start back over from where you left off; if you don't watch the video, then an ad will play anyways, so you might as well watch it in order to enhance your score.

Tip 3: While there are currently no additional balls that you can earn yet in this game (although they are probably coming soon knowing Voodoo and their games), you can earn badges by completing various actions in the game. Tap on the progress button to see what medals you have already earned, what medals you haven't earned yet, and what you need to do to earn the medals that you don't have yet.

Tip 4: You can change the game mode depending on if you are playing during the day or at night. Tap the sun/moon button to change the mode. The night mode is the same as the day mode; the only difference is that the background is black instead of white, which makes the game easier on the eyes for when you play during the night.

Tip 5: Even though you can aim from side to side, your aim will be wherever you release your finger at, so if you tap real quick, the ball will go to wherever your finger was when you tapped. If you drag your finger past the obstacle to aim, you can get a little bit more accuracy, because of a smaller aim deflection relative to your finger movements.


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