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Digimon Heroes!

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Digimon Heroes! on iPhone iPod

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Make sure you choose cards of the same color as often as possible to inflict maximum damage. And don`t forget to tap on the enemy you want to attack first if you are facing off against multiple enemies.

Those enemies marked with 'DANGER' can inflict enough damage to get you out of the game.

There are five races: Dragon - red, Knight - blue, Nature - green, Dark - purple, Holy - yellow.

Each race is powerful against one other race and weak against another race (Red beats Green / Green beats Blue / Blue beats Red).

Each time you level up, you gain more friend slots, more energy points and your energy bar gets a refill.

For each Digimon upgrade you will need Bits, Digimon and Capacitors, all of which you can find in Battles.

There are two types of Missions: the Daily missions and Long Term missions. Complete them to get some great rewards.

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