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Contract Killer: Sniper

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Contract Killer: Sniper - iPhone iPod

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Remain behind cover to take less damage after shooting.

Participate in and win player vs. player battles to earn diamonds.

Use knives to take out targets without alerting guards. Knives also require only one hit for a kill.

Eliminate the most difficult target first. This is usually the person that can cause the most damage, such as special forces or higher level players. However when faced with a large number of enemies, take out the easy ones first to reduce their numbers before focusing on the more difficult targets.

Spend diamonds on upgrading your base first. A well defended base will minimize diamond loss, and also allows you to have more production and storage. You can then, use your profits to get weapon upgrades.

Stay hidden behind covers as much as possible, especial once you've take down your mark and enemy is in the area.

With that said don't get all guns blazing you won't get far.

Headshots are essential to the game and practice makes perfect.

For eve more stealth in your game knives are as good as any sniper rifle.

Use Assault Rifle only when your cover is blown. Keep both of your rifles upgraded to the max.

Upgrade your base for more storage and production.

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